We're Setwise –
a web development firm

What we do

We build great things with web technologies. From simple websites, to training systems, to complex workflow managements applications, we work with clients to help identify how we can use technology to solve their problems and make life simpler.

What we believe in

Technology is great, but we have to use it efficiently and effectively. We love to work with clients to figure out the best ways that technology can help them work better.

Who we are

David Dear

David Dear Founder/Engineer

Jason Mrosek

Jason Mrosek Creative Director

Noah Carter

Noah Carter Software Engineer

Maybe You?

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What drives us

We love to build things...and building web applications is what we are good at.


We love to code. Between client projects and testing out new technologies and ideas, we are almost always at our computers coding away to ensure we have the skills to deliver solid results.


We are great at dreaming up new ideas and innovative ways to make technology solve the needs of our clients.


Our passion and creativity, combined with our experience create a level of quality that will surpass all of your expectations.


We work with some amazing people...and hopefully we can add you to the list soon.





Fantasy Aces

Fantasy Aces

Loma Linda University

Loma Linda University



Roland DGA

Roland DGA

Why you should work with SETWISE

Quality through Strategy

Analysis and planning lead to streamlined development and results.

Efficient Processes

We all have budgets and we understand. We are experts at tailoring projects to get the most out of what is available.

Long Term Focus

We aim to build long-term working relationships with our clients. We are your team.

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